Have Patience. Drive with humanity. Slow down and be safe

Aum Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

Every time you start your journey, Worship Lord Ganesha to break all your obstacles and begin the journey chanting your favorite Gods name in mind. Shirdi Sai Baba devotees can chant “Sai ram, Sai ram,Sai ram” or any chantings they like. Well, you really don’t have to chant if you don’t feel like.  Simply Drive Safe !

If you are from other religion, kindly remember the God,Goddess you love most. If you are not religious, that’s fine too but follow some basic Safe Driving guidelines.  I apologize as you might find this site too saintly. If you don’t like us, kindly move to other Safe Driving websites.

Shirdi Sai Baba safe driving

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple of Safe Driving

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple of Safe Driving:

Sairam Friends,

Its been years since i created StarSai.com spreading the greatness of Saint Shirdi Sai Baba who rules my life and that of millions of his ardent devotees. I am motivated to create this Temple of Safe Driving – SaiSafeDriving.com by Sai himself at a time when i realized many people including his devotees Drive reckless.
I call this as Temple of Safe driving since any thing that’s created with love and affection on Human Kind, any place that’s has a message which could save a life becomes as sacred as a Temple.

Every time you Start your Journey…

When people start their journey, they do it with various needs. Some might go to School or Work, Some to railway station or airport, some to hospital or any where else. At times we are not in hurry but at times we really need to reach our destination on Time. I am not asking you to drive slow during such times. Its ok to go fast on some roads and during some situations  but Drive with Humanity.

What’s Drive with Humanity Means:

1. Everybody’s Need to travel is as important as yours:

As far as i have seen, People tend to have their “Need to Travel” alone in mind. Remember, every one on road has a Need and they need is as important as yours. If you are going to pick your child from school, they might be on way to the airport or anywhere else. So be broad minded while on road. If you are selfish and drive reckless, it doesn’t sound good.

2. Let them Go – Don’t be egoistic on road :

People seem to get a sharp anger in them when others seem to drive badly. If someone seem to drive too slow or too fast, kindly do not try to prove your driving skills on public road. Better don’t chase. If someone is stuck in the middle of the road trying to turn, hold on. You are not going to gain anything shouting or honing. This only creates a disturbance in the drivers Mind.  So Driving Tips number 2 – Don’t be egoistic on road. Be calm…Be calm…be a smart driver.

 3. I din’t mean to say don’t drive fast – It depends but be slow most of the time :

Its a fast world. Understood. You need to go on time to drop your kids in school, to your work, to shopping and even to a Movie or a party. Drive fast when you really need to but don’t make it a habit. You are not awarded million dollars by anyone for covering long miles in 10 minutes.  Movie can wait. Party too. It doesn’t harm if you go late to school or office or even if you miss your flight.

The point is to be “Human”. When you are too fast, you have more chances to be a danger to others who might not expect you there. Time and Space are play balls in one’s fate. So give other drivers knowledge that you are coming, so that they too can drive safe.

4. Slow down when required and Follow traffic rules:

Yes you are a Smart driver. You have No Fear but you can’t expect every other person on road or in their vehicle is as smart as you. So slow down when ever required. Follow Traffic rules no matter in what hurry you are in.

 5. Be Safe:

Yes, I want you to be Safe which is why i created this site on behalf of Millions of Shirdi Sai Baba devotees around the globe and dedicated to everyone who has a Need to travel. May you be blessed. May you reach your destination safely.

May Shirdi Sai Baba ever live in your heart and take care of your family

C.Venkatraman – 12/01/2013

Little Servant of Shirdi Sai Baba

2 Responses to Have Patience. Drive with humanity. Slow down and be safe

  1. sai janani says:

    reallly realllly hats of for your work bro..
    sai wil bless yu fa everythin…
    sai yu are my life, yu made my life worth livin
    thank yu fa all yu gave me

  2. premila says:

    Sai ram brother..
    That was an awesome idea of urs on publishing safe driving to all…
    May sai nath bless u and all with his blessing…. I appreciate ur effort and interest….
    Keep up…Sai ram.


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