Overcoming Fear of Driving with Meditation and Tips for First time drivers

Hi friends,

I was very much interested in helping people who has fear of driving. Call it Driving Phobia or actually its basically our nature to fear that we might hit someone on road.

Driving comes by practice but when people meet with accident or they come across any frightening hits or experiences, they really fear to drive.

Tips for First time drivers:

I honestly feel one must drive with confidence and this confidence comes by practice. So take your time and practice..Remember, every one fears a bit when something wrong happens but they don’t show it out. They manage it Cool and you too must make your mind to work that way.

Drive carefully with concern for others on road. If you drive with fear, its only going to hurt yourself and other innocent people on road.To bring confidence in yourself, I have tried to write how to make your mind believe that you can drive !

Meditation to believe you can drive with confidence:

Don’t laugh at me….he he…Am not going to make you a devotee or a saint. Its just a simple practice to make yourself come out of some fear you might have due to some reasons.

Auto suggestion is I believe commanding your mind to do as you want it to. It can be used positively to achieve a lot in life…

So please do a silent auto suggestion to yourself like this

1. Sit relaxed, join your palms and close your eyes.

2. Keep remembering any Gods, Goddess, True ancient Saint you love ( not all will be sai devotees so i say generally )

3. If you are not devoted, you can simply remember anyone of your welshers like parents or any one who has inspired you or just imagine a traditional Indian lamp !

4. Say to your self for 5 minutes any thing you believe you must achieve. Example –

“I see myself driving Good and I am going to do it better”

Say anything positive…Imagine you drive and that you do it cool and carefully…You really are going to drive and rock the road ! I can’t know what’s your problem ..so you please workout your mind and your system to believe in what you wish to do.

Surely you are going to Drive well.

I have seen a documentary where people are irritated when they didn’t pass in License tests etc… ( Its very strict in countries abroad). So Good luck for you,. You are going to get it for sure !

Believe that you can drive

You are cool…You can do it !

A request – Don’t meditate in car please………..Open your eyes wide….he he ! Drive carefully…I am not a expert in helping people but I am trying to do little i can with what i know…

See the below Video of a Mother teaching her daughter to drive ! and her Dad has filmed it beautifully ! I really wanted to contact them and appreciate them for this video ! Truly portrays universal expression of someone eager to drive and doing it as best as she can !

Honestly, you don’t really need any Meditation for Driving safe ! Its a matter of being cool and being yourself ! Be careful too !

Isn’t that really cute ….

So share your Safe driving tips !

Other Safe Driving Tips for first time drivers :

I will be happy if people post comments on better driving..No ads please and no phone numbers etc…Simple tips with utmost care to help people to drive safe and happy is appreciated !

You are most welcome to share your Driving experiences !


You can reach me from mail id at starsai.com

I really want all of you to drive safe and happy !

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